Sanitation Infrastructure

As a Research Associate at Hyderabad Urban Lab, I conducted ethnographic research and contributed to collaborative projects addressing a range of topics related to sanitation such as public toilet management, the politics of community toilets, and the gendered differentials of access to sanitation. I helped coordinate and organize an online campaign called #DontHoldItIn to spread awareness on the massive shortcomings in public sanitation facilities for women. I also worked with community based organizations to support their advocacy programs and their movements to demand better infrastructures.


Journal Articles

  • Maringanti, Anant, and Indivar Jonnalagadda. “Rent Gap, Fluid Infrastructure and Population Excess in a Gentrifying Neighbourhood.” City 19, no. 2–3 (May 4, 2015): 365–74.

  • Jonnalagadda, Indivar, and Sandeep Tanniru. “Rethinking Governance of Public Toilets: Lessons for Swacch Bharat from Hyderabad.” Economic & Political Weekly 49, no. 48 (2014): 41–45.

Book Contributions

  • Devulapalli, Harsha, and Indivar Jonnalagadda. “A Civic Mapping Project in an Indian Megacity: The Uses and Challenges of Spatial Data for Critical Research.” In This Is Not an Atlas: A Global Collection of Counter-Cartographies, 120–25. Bielefeld, Germany: transcript Verlag, 2018.

Online Posts